For a body corporate, plumbing normally involves a lot of hidden parts that could be inside or outside of a private lot. Most of these parts are not visible, making it hard to establish exactly who is responsible. If you are a lot owner, you are advised to report to the strata board immediately when you notice any plumbing issues or any potential damage due to faulty plumbing. This could be either within the apartment or on common property.

It is the duty of the body corporate to call in a professional to make the professional assessment in relation to liability. For minor repairs, it maynot be 

necessary to call a meeting (but, check the owners’ corporation rules), but for larger repairs it may require the owners’ corporation to meet and discuss the potential costs or course of action.

Fortunately Hydro-Jett Plumbing has many years of experience in dealing with body corporates for plumbing repairs and preventative maintenance. We offer free on-site consultations, investigations and quotes, as well as 24/7 emergency call out services. In some cases we can complete emergency make-good repairs to temporarily solve larger problems and this cost can be credited against the final cost of the permanent repair.