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Emergency Gas Repairs

This is what happens when the gardener runs the whipper snipper through the gas pipe!

Luckily, this was a quick and easy fix for us!

When a gas issue occurs, it can cause panic for customers and you should know what steps to take.

  • Turn off all appliances and pilot lights

  • Turn your gas supply off at the gas meter

  • If the leak is inside your home, open all windows and doors if possible, for ventilation

  • Call a qualified and licenced gas fitter

If you know that your gas leak is occurring on your property (after the gas meter), be it a section of pipe or an appliance, then you need to call a qualified, licensed gas fitter to fix the problem (that’s us!) 0414523786
If the gas leak is occurring before the meter or on the street, you should call –

Please remember that when you have a gas leak anywhere in your property, any person undertaking work involving gas must be appropriately licensed.

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