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Has your water bill gone up? Make sure it’s not a leaking pipe!

If your water bill has gone up and there are no obvious causes, then you may have an annoying water leak on your hands!

Leaking pipes not only increase your financial costs, but they are a waste of water, can cause mould, water damage to the home or business premises and create pest infestations.

Water leaks from leaking pipes need to be addressed quickly in order to prevent more costly problems in the future.

The causes of water leaks can be extensive, but just to name a few- blocked drains and pipes, old and corroded pipes, cracks, perished seals, leaking taps, toilets and appliances, excess water pressure, poor workmanship on the initial installation of plumbing work, and building movement over time from erosion and extreme temperatures.

Hydro Jett Plumbing Services Leak Detection has experience in this area and can quickly identify and locate your leak and provide cost effective options and solutions for your water leak problems.

Resolve your leaking plumbing pipes today! Contact us or call 0414523786

Leaking pipes in walls waste water and cost $$
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